THTBC Travel Policy

Last updated April 2, 2020 9:12 AM EST

THTBC Travel Policy

THTBC COVID Travel Policy Updated 03.16.20

Domestic Travel.

The CDC has issued a domestic travel advisory for New York, New Jersey, and Connecticut. More information regarding COVID-19 and travel in the U.S. can be found on the CDC website:

In general, employees should avoid all non-essential travel.  Travel should be cleared by your supervisor.

If you have specific health concerns relating to travel, you should talk to your manager or Human Resources. For more information about THTBC’s travel policies, you may email

Foreign Travel Restrictions.

Currently, employees are restricted from foreign work-related travel to locations where the CDC has issued travel health notices for Level 1, Level 2, and Level 3 countries.  These countries are listed below and details may be found on the CDC website:

  • China, Iran, South Korea, Italy, Japan, Hong Kong, Malaysia, Canada, Australia, Israel, Brazil, Chile, Pakistan, Thailand, Turkey, South Africa, Ecuador, India, Indonesia, Philippines, Qatar, Romania, Saudi Arabia, and Singapore.

Employees are also restricted from all travel to Europe effective Friday, March 13th for the next thirty (30) days.

Should an employee have personal travel planned to a country where a Level 1, Level 2, or Level 3 health notice has been issued by the CDC, the employee must notify his or her supervisor and Human Resources prior to departure.  THTBC will address specific travel needs on a case by case basis.  Employees who travel outside the US to a country where a travel health notice has been issued, the employee may be required to self-quarantine and work remotely for at least fourteen (14) days prior to returning to the jobsite.

General Travel Recommendations.

It is important all employees communicate with their supervisors and Human Resources with any questions or concerns.  You may reach out to with travel-related questions.

Employees are expected to exercise necessary precautions when traveling for business or personal purposes. The CDC is continually updating travel advisories, found here:

Travel for business purposes should be limited to reduce opportunities for exposure. If an employee begins exhibiting symptoms following travel, he or she should immediately reach out to his or her healthcare provider and inform his or her supervisor.