About KIRA Training Services DBA KIRA Facilities Services

KIRA Training Services,  Boulder, CO

KIRA Training Services delivers high quality engineering, facilities maintenance and training services. By using state of the art technical know-how and highly qualified technicians we can provide best in class service at a reasonable cost. To further enhance our services, we seek out and establish partnerships with companies that have established themselves as some of the best in their respective fields. KIRA Training Services has a Mentor Protégé with Raytheon who has awarded a significant amount of work to KIRA. The nature of the work performed under Raytheon subcontracts includes training and facilities maintenance. For example, KIRA Training Services maintains a range where extensive training occurs under a subcontract from Raytheon.

KIRA Training Services, DBA KIRA Facilities Services, Boulder, CO

KIRA Training Services also operates dba KIRA Facilities Services. KIRA

Facilities Services is a full-service, facilities maintenance company that provides best in class facility maintenance solutions. Currently, KIRA employees perform on the Fort Carson Base Operations Support contract that provides facilities maintenance services for over 15 million square feet of infrastructure. Employees utilize systems such as Maximo and Costpoint to ensure enhanced productivity and accurate records of all efforts and expenses. KIRA Facilities Services’ strength is providing outstanding service at the lowest possible cost, which we do by employing:

  • Cost-saving innovations
  • Using proven subcontractors
  • Careful tracking of hours and efficient internal tracking of job progress
  • Partnering with our customers to ensure we always meet or exceed expectations

Our award-winning workmanship comes from ongoing innovation to ensure cutting edge technology, and best in class services are always delivered.  With over 30 years of experience, our management team is keenly aware of the unique challenges and operating issues associated with servicing very large projects. We leverage that experience to ensure our customers receive the best service from day one of contract start, no matter the size of the effort. Our promise to all of our customers is to deliver services that enhance operational efficiency, reduce cost, and are truly best in class.