About KIRA Facilities Maintenance

San Juan, Puerto Rico

KIRA Facilities Maintenance, d/b/a KIRA Environmental Consulting, provides environmental consulting and management services according to quality environmental standards. This includes but is not limited to site planning, due diligence, risk evaluation, permitting, remediation, debris and obstruction removal, refuse collection services, refuse hauling – local and long distance, and support for the management of environmental plans and programs for hazardous waste, asbestos and lead testing, cultural resource management, and incident investigation. KIRA Facilities Maintenance provides its services in compliance with government rules and regulations as it relates to air, soil, and water quality, and hazardous waste.    KIRA Facilities Maintenance’s strength is in providing outstanding service at the lowest possible cost….which we do by employing:

  • Cost-saving innovations
  • Using proven contractors
  • Careful tracking of hours and efficient internal tracking of job progress

Our exceptional quality and award-winning workmanship comes from using a network of pre-certified, carefully screened contractors.  With over 30 years of experience in the U.S. and Puerto Rico, our staff is keenly aware of the unique challenges and operating issues associated with servicing very large projects, ones that might cover tens of thousands of acres and involve the management of hundreds of people.