About KIRA Construction Management

Along with other THTBC subsidiaries, KIRA Construction Management has past performance in both Construction Management and Seaport Operations.

Past Performance

Construction Management:

  • Construction of assorted buildings at U.S. Army Training Center, Fort Jackson
  • Hurricane repair work for private homeowners in Mississippi after Hurricane Katrina
  • Hurricane repair work for medical facilities at Keesler Air Force Base
  • Major, entire neighborhood landscape installations for new housing developments at Naval Air Station Lemoore, California
  • KIRA was part of a Joint Venture that managed over $100 million of construction at the United States Air Force Academy
  • KIRA managed over $50 million of construction at Fort Belvoir
  • Extensive renovation/repair of military family housing as both federal contracts and Public Private Partnerships. The PPP at Fort Hood involved over 8,000 housing units
  • Renovation of structures on the historic register at Colonial Williamsburg, Virginia

Past Performance

Seaport Maintenance and Operations:

  • Principal BOS facilities maintenance contractor for Atlantic Undersea Test and Evaluation Center (AUTEC) Navy, Bahamas
  • Operations and Maintenance contract for Department of Homeland Security, United States Coast Guard Yard, Curtis Bay, Maryland
  • Principal subcontractor on Department of Homeland Security, Base Kodiak, United States Coast Guard
  • Maintenance contractor at Naval Station Mayport, Jacksonville, Florida
  • Prime Contractor on Naval Station Guantanamo Bay Port Operations Contract.

Note: THTBC has additional past performance on its GSA Land Ports of Entry contract maintaining border stations between the USA and Canada