Case Studies

U.S. Army Facilities in Colorado Springs

KIRA provides complete base operation support services for the Directorate of Public Works at Fort Carson, Colorado. This 10-year contract includes total facility maintenance and repair on over 850 facilities; grounds maintenance for 2,715 acres, maintenance and repair of all roads and utility systems. KIRA is also responsible for warehouse and supply logistics, vehicle maintenance of 850 heavy equipment and firefighting vehicles, railroad and range maintenance.

U.S.  Air Force Academy, Colorado Springs, Colorado

KIRA was a joint venture that performed the 7-year civil engineering and cadet support service contract at the United States Air Force Academy.  KIRA provided support for the 18,000-acre site includes engineering, readiness and environmental support, maintenance and repair for 257 facilities totaling approximately 8 million square feet, maintenance of three 5,000 linear foot runways, maintenance of 107 miles of paved and 73 miles of unpaved roads and parking lots on base.

Atlantic Underwater Testing and Evaluation Center, Andros Island, Bahamas

KIRA provides base operation support services and range maintenance for the Atlantic Underwater Testing Evaluation Center (AUTEC) in support of the US Navy. This 15-year, performance based contract consists of maintaining the Navy’s most heavily used test facilities. Computer Science Corporation (CSC) subcontracted KIRA to manage approximately 220 local Bahamians currently employed at AUTEC Andros Island.

Recently one of KIRA’s employees won the “Autecnic” award on the contract; this is the first time a foreign national has won the award. Employee turnover rate has been at an all-time low and training requirements have been met at an unprecedented rate of 100%.

Keesler Air Force Base, Biloxi, Mississippi

KIRA’s contract at Keesler Air Force Base, Mississippi is part of the 8-year, A-76 “BIG” base operating support services contract in support of the 81st Civil Engineering Squadron.  KIRA is a major subcontractor to CSC, providing grounds maintenance for 507 acres, paving and equipment support throughout the entire base, and entomology services for 37 facilities.

KIRA successfully phased in the contract after four years of delays (due to Hurricane Katrina), meeting 100 percent of all requirements from day one.

Southeast Florida – Regional

KIRA’s regional base operation support contract is an 8-year, performance based contract that spans across the entire Southeast Region for 11 locations. KIRA is responsible for complete contract compliance that involves 2,744 acres of grounds maintenance and landscaping services, 997 acres of fire ant control, complete janitorial services for more than 220 buildings, nuisance and pest control for 162 buildings, refuse/recycling collection for 2,449 containers and numerous other facility related services to outlying locations.

U.S. Naval and Marine Reserve Centers – Regional

KIRA was contracted to manage over 68 separate subcontracts throughout four states, supporting nine Naval and Marine Recruiting Centers, effectively reorganizing them down to 11 primary subcontractors that provide standard services and limited out of contract work. Our performance includes grounds maintenance, janitorial, HVAC maintenance, pest control, refuse removal, snow removal, boiler maintenance, fire and security alarm maintenance, and general building maintenance.

U.S. Coast Guard Yard – Baltimore, Maryland

KIRA provides base maintenance for the USCG Yard located in Baltimore, MD. KIRA’s 24/7 operations are critical in supporting the Yard’s mission. For over a century, the United States Coast Guard Yard has built, repaired and renovated ships for the U. S. Coast Guard. It is the Service’s sole shipbuilding and major repair facility, and an essential part of the Coast Guard’s core industrial base and fleet support operations.

Under this four-year, multi-million-dollar contract, services include: maintenance and operations of buildings and structures, pest control, fire protection and safety, refuse and recycling, elevator maintenance, HVAC and refrigeration, grounds maintenance, and electrical and water distribution systems.

Land Ports of Entry, New York State border

KIRA provides full operations and maintenance support for eight Land Ports of Entry throughout northern New York on this five-year, multi-million-dollar contract.

As an all-inclusive facilities maintenance contract, KIRA is responsible for “everything under the roof and on the property with limited exclusions.” Functions include; electrical and equipment, mechanical, plumbing, energy management control systems, HVAC, fire protection, architectural and structural systems, service desk request operations, locks and keycard systems, dock levers and elevators/vertical transportation system.

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