Leadership Team

Tlingit Haida Tribal Business Corporation

The THTBC Board is appointed by the Executive Council of the Central Council Tlingit & Haida Indian Tribes of Alaska (CCTHITA). The Board of Directors acts independently from Central Council to oversee the long-term goals and strategies of the corporation. The THTBC mission is to engage in, carry on and conduct business to improve the economic condition of the Tribe.

Our Board oversees THTBC and its subsidiaries.  Board members include the President of the CCTHITA and four highly qualified Directors. The Directors serve a four-year term, which is a volunteer position, and have a wide-ranging responsibility to create and develop business opportunities for the benefit of the CCTHITA citizens. The Board devotes their time and makes a commitment to supporting the mission of THTBC. Our Directors all have extensive backgrounds directly related to key sectors including business, banking, financial, legal, commercial and government and have a firm understanding of Indian Tribal Organizations and Tribal Sovereignty.

 Meet our Board of Directors



William Micklin







Richard Peterson

Board Member









Retired U.S. Air Force General Ronald R. Fogleman

Board Member




Executive Management

Richard Rinehart

Chief Executive Officer  & THTBC Board Member



Carlos Garcia

Founder of KIRA Incorporated

THTBC President and Chief Operations Officer